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CYNTHIA HICKEY grew up in the foothills of the Ozark mountains. An avid reader before beginning school, she soon began telling stories of her own. Today, her over-active imagination helps her in penning cozy mysteries, romantic suspense, and historical romance. She is constantly critiquing movies, stating ways to make them better and more believable. Find her online at and to see a full line of her works.




Cindy 3

Sue has always wanted to travel the Mother Road in her pink Mustang. She ditches the man she didn’t love at the altar, tosses her veil out the car and takes off on her first real adventure. Along the way, she picks up a hitchhiker named James Deacon. A leather jacket wearing man with secrets and dreams of his own.

Their journey takes the reader from Illinois to the end of the road in Santa Monica. Can they leave aside their separate dreams and come together for something bigger than either of them imagined? AMAZON



Inspirational Series

Anything for A Story (red)A Killer Plot FinalSkincareBaking#1 – Can Stormi find the killer before she becomes the next victim? Amazon

#2 – Another fans wants their moment of fame and will do anything to get it. Amazon

#3 – A Skincare Party turns to murder and Stormi is called to save the day! Amazon

#4 – When a dead body is found face first in a vat of chocolate inside Stormi’s mother’s bakery, what’s a nosy neighbor to do other than find a killer? Amazon


Nosy Neighbor Jogging


#6 – After the horrific experience of saving the lives of her niece and fiancé, Stormi Nelson takes the family to a retreat high in the Ozark mountains. It doesn’t take long before a dead body in a bubble bath turns the vacation into anything but. Amazon

Party#7 – A Good Party Can Kill You introduces the reader to some fantastic characters and closes out the best-selling Nosy Neighbor series. Amazon



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Mrs Sheriff final Wilhemina Jackson, widowed mother of two, answers an advertisement in the newspaper for a sheriff in Wild Horse Pass, Montana. She uses the name Willie Jack in order to disguise her identity as a woman and soon receives a telegram saying she’s hired for the job. Along with her children, mother, and a giant of a dog, she loads up the wagon and makes the long ride from Kansas.

Wild Horse Pass is a picturesque town in the mountains with high standards and no law. The people are surprised to see a woman arrive as their sheriff, but are so desperate for someone to enforce the law, they decide to let her stay after she proves to them what a good shot she is with a rifle. All the former male sheriffs have always moved on to bigger and better pastures: especially since the town’s people consider the sheriff’s business their own and have no qualms about saying so.

Thomas Miller, livery owner and blacksmith, is ready for a sheriff to step in and take over law enforcement for the vigilantes, but he’s not excited about the arrival of a leather-wearing, split-skirt, woman sheriff. Especially one pretty enough to grace a tea room back east.

No matter how quaint the town looks, Wild Horse Pass is a wild and dangerous place with many secrets. The folks may seem quirky, eccentric, and God-fearing, but their nosiness causes plenty of problems and feuds, despite the local pastor’s and Tom’s attempts to lead them down the right path.

Can Willie and Tom lay aside their differences to find out what really matters? Amazon



Finding a Way Home new coverShelby Jenkins, former bad girl of Springdale, left town at eighteen when her boyfriend’s best friend attacked her. Now, seven year’s later, she’s returned with her daughter to run the diner left to her by her late grandmother. Can Shelby and the town let bygones be bygones? Can Shelby trust that God knows what is best for her as she is drawn back into caring for her first love?

Blake Harvey is riddled with guilt over his part in Shelby leaving town years ago. Can she forgive him? Can he accept her forgiveness if it’s given and make amends to his past treatment of her?  Amazon




Assassin series 2


Marilu Hutchins wakes up one morning realizing the man next to her is not her husband. That awareness is the beginning to ten year’s of memories returning. One of which leads her to believe she is a paid assassin. As she struggles with the realization of who she is and what she was, she begins a search for her daughter. Things are complicated when she runs into Brad Morrison, the undercover agent who is the brother to the man Marilu had been hired to kill. Together, the two go on the run to prove that all is not as it seems and Marilu is nothing more than a Mistaken Assassin. Can she let go of her fear and uncertainty to let God’s will prevail? AMAZON


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